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Oleg Mategorin believes that life is an ever-changing adventure. In ten decades, Oleg has experienced all the good, bad, and ugly that a full life has to offer, and in the process he has learned how to successfully manage his reactions to challenges.


In a collection of relatable wisdom that includes lessons learned and applicable inspiring quotes, Oleg begins by providing guidance on how to develop a positive attitude, make informed decisions, and achieve goals. Others will learn how to take ownership of their lives, overcome obstacles in their paths, and search for a solution with a positive attitude. Oleg also includes stories of survival that attest to how discipline, tenacity, attitude, and fortitude can achieve positive results as well as reflections on why our survival as individuals depends on our survival as a nation, and the effects of politics and entertainment on our lives.


Food for Thought provides time-tested wisdom intended to help anyone expand their perspective of the world by viewing it through the thoughts and experiences of others.


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