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I believe that as we reflect upon our lives, we can define special Periods that have had major influences on us.


My 10 decades of living can be segmented into the following Periods:

Childhood through high school.

Army service to early college.

Marriage, work, college, family, and graduation.

First major job; data processing services marketing through 30 years.

Payment processing services marketing to Banks with three organizations interlaced with a major involvement of a growing family.

The end result is that I have the good fortune of being involved in two major technological developments with a tremendous variety of people of all persuasions, desires, problems, stories of success, failures, and survival.


Period 1, 1928-1946

Immigrated to America to the New York “melting pot” in the Bronx. Learned the importance of strong family values, respect for Police, Teachers and elders.

Depression and WWII constraints taught us to “do without”, do anything we could to make some money and not to expect immediate gratification.

Also, in addition to the learning about the different ethnic groups and values in the neighborhood, I was exposed to a variety of Russian 1914 revolution escapees. The survival story of my Father, Grandmother and Aunt was added to by Princesses, Counts, Generals, and other survivors.

The lesson learned was that I developed faith in my own strength to put up with life’s demands.


Period 2, 1946-1955

Army service, discipline; “Yes Sir No Sir”. Introduced me to a variety of individuals from throughout America with a collection young men with their many ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

After Army, college GI Bill, miscellaneous jobs, marriage, family, tight budget, graduation and being hired for a major job.


Period 3, 1956-1986

Hired by Remington Rand UNIVAC, trained in marketing of data processing services to the business world ranging through small and large companies.

The 30 years of being exposed to the excitement of the continuous changes in computer technologies and its effect on industry was great.

Marketing to Mom &Pop companies up to major corporations taught me how to adapt to the different personalities, analyze requirements and develop solutions.


Period 4, 1986-2006

Hired by a major Bank to provide payment processing services to Banks.

Again I was fortunate by entering an industry the was exploding with the use of new technologies with all of its excitement.

Working with the executive level of many Banks added to many ability to react to the many personalities and provide solutions.


Period 5, 2006 – Now

Actively working on various projects to offer a variety of services that may assist organizations in keeping up with the demands of the information age.

Living with the family and watching the grandchildren and their families growing with good values and being involved with the great grand children. SUPER


I started writing some of my experiences as a document to leave my children. As it grew, I thought that some of the information might be helpful to others.


So, the birth of this book.


Hope it’s fun to read and informative.


– Oleg